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Monday, March 04, 2013
By TLea
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Dear Facebook,

I'm here to tell you it's not you, it's me. This relationship has changed. You are not my friend anymore. We are now merely acquaintances. I'm not going to explain what that means, you should be familiar with it since you created it. Many years ago, when I was just starting out in my photography business, you were my biggest supporter. You freely let me connect to my fans and easily notified others when I had something interesting to say. Now, not so much.

Here are my top reasons why this relationship isn't working (in no particular order):

1. You changed my Fans into Likers. Why would you do this? I felt like a rockstar when folks became a fan. It was a bandwagon of greatness. People joined my page because they loved what they heard and saw. Now I just feel like, "Yay! People like me." I feel a little strange in accepting likes, almost awkward, like a sad nerd trying to get a popularity vote. "Like me! Like me!"

2. You want me to pay you. All right, I get it. There are times in a friendship when you don't want to feel taken advantage of. Yeah, maybe I did abuse you a bit in the ad department. So I understand you want to make a buck or so for your hard work. But cutting off more than half my Likers with ridiculous ad terms ... come on. You are asking a photographer to only put 20% text on a photo ad. Hello??? My clients want to know what they get in a package. I'm not Nike. I can't just type "Just Do It." It's awkward. Make ad terms that make sense.

3. You changed my relationship with my Likers. In addition to asking to promote my business through you, you're now telling me my Likers won't see all my updates and photos. You are painstakingly asking me to email my clients and educate them with the changes you made. Do you really think my Likers know that they aren't seeing my posts anymore? I would "Facebook" them about it, but only six people would see it. You're creating chaos. There's no button that says "Click 'Like' and you might get an update" or directions that say "If you want to get an update select 'Get Notifications' and 'Show in Newsfeed." Yeah, I agree that would be ridiculous to see on a page, but you are making a HUGE assumption your users know that when they select "Like."

So Facebook, this isn't working. I'm gonna be nice, because you did give me years of great friendship. I'll be the bad guy and say again, "It's not you, it's me." I will continue to use you as you have used me, but that's all you're getting. I'm not paying you, but I sure as heck won't leave you, either. Everyone has their faults.

Even though I've found word of mouth and face-to-face encounters to be the best approach to friendships, I still have found some other social friends out there to fill the void (Twitter, Pinterest and blogging). I have to be honest, they seem to be much more straight forward and friendly. Geez, even Google+ is starting to grow on me.

I apologize for relying so heavily on you in the past, and I get now the importance of branching out in friendships. I hope you understand as well. 




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